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Are You Exposed To Emotional Violence At Work?

It is the understatement of understatements to say there is way too much violence in our world — terrorism, violent crimes and the all-too-many horrors in-between. There is also far too much emotional violence within today’s workplace spreading stress, demoralization and many other “costs.” Law firms are not excluded, unfortunately. As a legal consultant/coach, I […]

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Why Are They So Successful and Not Us?!?!

Common Traits of “Successful” Law Firms What characteristics do successful firms share? I am asked this question often and while some new “must do’s” necessarily evolve with changing times, many of the characteristics are long standing, proven essentials for any success story: Regular firm-wide and individual “health checks” are conducted to identify all strengths as […]

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Are We Listening To The Right Decision-Making “Shoulds”?

Choices. Decisions. Life seems to forever be bombarding us with the need to make yet another decision and another and…..well, you know! And the choices we make indeed weave the very fabric of our personal and professional lives. Are our decision-making skills strong, so-so or needing improvement? How do our self-imposed “shoulds” influence us each […]

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Top 5 Attorney Do’s and Don’ts About Staff

How do you think your supervising attorneys would evaluate your work quality, attitude and productivity? Would they describe you and your work as: Excellent work, upbeat/can-do attitude, helpful to others, always productive Productive, good worker overall but productivity and attitude could stand some improvement and adjusting respectively Work quality is good enough, but a chronic […]

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