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Attorneys By Name Only (ABNO’s) Are Unethical, Unprofessional, Greedy and Cowardly

I recently learned of yet another attorney who knows his clients are out in left field with their lame, unsupported legal claims, their lies  and greedy motives no matter the “cost”….. and yet…..he continues representing them (I call these types of so-called professionals, “ABNO’s” (attorneys by name only). When I practiced law, I certainly made […]

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Voice Mail Greetings & Attire In the Professional Office

Gotta get vent a bit about one of my pet peeves in the professional office.  I cringe when calling a professional business, doctor’s office, law firm, etc. only to hear voice mail messages by receptionists or female assistants that appear to have intentional sexual drippings….you know the ever-so–soft, ssslllooooowww, melodic, sometimes raspy female voice. Sorry […]

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