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Are You Exposed To Emotional Violence At Work?

It is the understatement of understatements to say there is way too much violence in our world — terrorism, violent crimes and the all-too-many horrors in-between. There is also far too much emotional violence within today’s workplace spreading stress, demoralization and many other “costs.” Law firms are not excluded, unfortunately. As a legal consultant/coach, I […]

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Why Are They So Successful and Not Us?!?!

Common Traits of “Successful” Law Firms What characteristics do successful firms share? I am asked this question often and while some new “must do’s” necessarily evolve with changing times, many of the characteristics are long standing, proven essentials for any success story: Regular firm-wide and individual “health checks” are conducted to identify all strengths as […]

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Top 5 Attorney Do’s and Don’ts About Staff

How do you think your supervising attorneys would evaluate your work quality, attitude and productivity? Would they describe you and your work as: Excellent work, upbeat/can-do attitude, helpful to others, always productive Productive, good worker overall but productivity and attitude could stand some improvement and adjusting respectively Work quality is good enough, but a chronic […]

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