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Are You Zaftig?

Thanks to Top of Texas Gazette’s 7/24/10 blog post ( for this one….instead of calling myself “fluffy” now, think I’ll switch to “juicy” zaftig zaftig \ ZAHF-tik \ , adjective; 1. Full-bodied; well-proportioned. Origin: Zaftig is a borrowing from Yiddish, zaftik, literally meaning “juicy.” A rarely used word which I am familiar with because that’s […]

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Tough Times? Abandoned Katrina Pony Sets Great Example of a “Serious Survival Ethic”

Trying to survive some tough times in your business, at home, otherwise? Then this amazing story is a must read for inspiration from a determined, courageous pony called “Molly.” Even if you read about Molly’s amazing story when it first appeared in 2008, it is definitely one of those that keeps giving no matter how […]

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