1. Does the company offer on-site/in-house services in addition to retreats in the NC mountains?


2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of holding office retreats and other workshop sessions away from our home base?

Advantages: Most folks will agree they are far more productive when they  can get totally away from their offices for their retreats, planning or training workshops.  They like the informal, relaxed setting; no distractions from phones ringing and other common interruptions; and taking time out to participate in recreational activities.  These factors and others contribute to more productive, creative brainstorming and decision-making — all of which means clients get a much greater return on their efforts and consulting dollars spent.

Disadvantages: Travel time and related expenses. Another disadvantage would be our cool summers if you like hot climates or if you don’t like the cold, you probably wouldn’t like our out-of-this-world winter wonderland scenes and activities; and, finally, if you dislike nature’s glorious art show at its finest, you wouldn’t like our incredible fall leaf seasons!

3. What are the nearest airports?

Our clients have several choices – Full service airports include: Asheville, NC (about 1 ½ hours of beautiful and scenic driving from Banner Elk via interstate & highways or The world-famous Blue Ridge Parkway); Charlotte, NC (about 2 ¼ hours away); and Greensboro, NC (about 2 ½ hours away). There are several commuter airports including: Johnson City, Tenn (1 ½ hour drive) or Hickory, NC (1 ½ hour)….all the airports involve some auto travel to get to us, but well worth the drive and for the most part, very scenic routes.

4. When you say NBJ Consulting & Mediations offers conflict resolution services, do you mean formal mediation sessions or a range of dispute resolution options?

Nancy is a North Carolina DRC certified mediator (and she is certified as a family finacial mediator) and conducts partner-related mediations as well as  between other employees regarding areas of conflict.  Formal mediation sessions are either scheduled ahead of time or often they evolve at the client’s request when Nancy is already on-site assisting the office with other matters.   In addition to formal mediations, a variety of other dispute resolution options are also offered.

5. Does Nancy conduct video and telephone consulting, coaching, planning and training sessions with her clients?

Yes! Both are very popular service provided by NBJ Consulting & Mediations especially in these challenging economic times.  Telephone or video conferences can be scheduled for daytime, evening or even weekend times. Many issues do not require a consultant being brought on-site and can be handled more efficiently and at less cost via  telephone conferencing, emails, video conferences, faxes and the like.

6. What is the difference between consulting and coaching services?

They share many similar characteristics but, like most things, they can be described in a wide variety of ways depending on who is doing the defining!  Regardless of the label, both consultants and coaches should be highly experienced within their particular fields.  In addition, the right consultant/coach should be capable of successfully empowering and motivating their clients to implement needed changes for their particular situations and offices (vs. a one plan fits all approach).

7. What types of “tools” do you use in your work with lawyers and their staff members?

A wide assortment and all custom-designed for the particular client including various surveys, client forums, educational, motivational and strategic planning workshops for attorneys and staff, one-on-one training and coaching for individuals, mediations and other conflict resolution methods, and a wide variety of follow-up services after a retreat or the completion of on-site work… just to name a few!

8. Your firm emphasizes its work with medium to small size law firms including solo offices.  What about work with large law firms and departments or even other types of businesses?

NBJ Consulting & Mediations does CLE, motivational, strategic planning and training workshops for any size firm. Likewise, the mediation of employee or partner disputes is not limited to small firms.  Nancy’s specialty area, however, is with the medium to small law firm or legal department when it comes to a full scale “health check” or risk management assessment of the client’s office.

9. Nancy’s a licensed attorney and mediator, but what  is her background in regard to working with legal staff?

Prior to law school, Nancy spent 10 years as a law office staffer with titles ranging from legal secretary to paralegal to law office administrator.  She’s indeed “been there..done that!  She relates easily and with a huge amount of empathy to legal assistants.  Perhaps one of her most appreciated areas of expertise is in helping attorneys and staff understand each other better, communicate more effectively and become far more productive as a team.

10. Why are consulting fees not listed anywhere on the website?

NBJ Consulting & Mediations does not offer “canned” client programs, seminars or consulting/coaching packages. Every client’s service plan is custom designed for their goals, needs and budget.  From time to time, however, watch the website for limited time offers of reduced fees for video/conference call specials, reduced prices on Nancy’s e-books, etc..  These “specials” are designed for law firms that just want a one-time service vs. an on-going longer-term service plan consisting of a variety of our services .

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Nancy Byerly Jones

Nancy Byerly Jones is enthusiastically resourceful and tirelessly dedicated to helping her clients build success stories that last...and as a family law and workplace mediator, she is a passionate advocate for helping keep folks out of the courtroom and moving positively forward with their lives. And, oh yes, she also loves every minute at her family's mountainside ranch - the happy and always active home of 5 horses, 9 donkeys, 3 dogs and 1 very tough cat! She writes about the critters at Southern Fried Blog