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By clicking here, you’ll pull up a copy of one of my articles on effective law firm leadership  – an often talked about subject, but not as often practiced.  This article also includes my simplistic self-audit for privately evaluating our own leadership characteristics. 

And, I suggest an easy way to immediately start honing any leadership skills that you may need to work on.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea before reading…it’s definitely not a quick read especially if you follow my hands-on exercises included in the piece. 

Many of my clients through the years have said this simple leadership exercise and strengthening plan helped them tremendously.  I hope you feel likewise and many thanks for stopping by the ol’ blog today.

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Nancy has helped countless clients move steadily and successfully toward their professional and personal goals. More importantly, she helps them find customized solutions that have successful and lasting results. When it’s time to make some changes, you will be glad your team has Nancy on it with her extensive and diverse experience, resourcefulness, empathy and non-judgmental approach.

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Nancy Byerly Jones

Nancy Byerly Jones is enthusiastically resourceful and tirelessly dedicated to helping her clients build success stories that last...and as a family law and workplace mediator, she is a passionate advocate for helping keep folks out of the courtroom and moving positively forward with their lives. And, oh yes, she also loves every minute at her family's mountainside ranch - the happy and always active home of 5 horses, 9 donkeys, 3 dogs and 1 very tough cat! She writes about the critters at Southern Fried Blog

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