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Strategic Office or Individual Career Planning??!
HA! I can hardly survive the chaos of each day!
Talk it over with that jerk!? I’d rather cuddle up with a porcupine! Create a client survey AND an employee policy and procedures manual?!? Sure….right after I take care of the zillion piles of  disorganized client matters on my desk, return a few hundred calls and deal with our lack of  productivity and lousy office morale!
NBJ Consulting & Conflict Resolution can help individuals, law firms, families and businesses accomplish all of these things.  What attributes should you look for in hiring a consultant, coach, mediator or facilitator? Just a few of the benefits that NBJ Consulting & Conflict Resolution offers:
  • Many years of experience and a unique and holistic working style
  • Boundless energy and heartfelt passion for clients
  • Persistent resourcefulness and creativity in designing systems in sync with clients’ goals, their office dynamics and today’s world
  • Positive attitudes seasoned with a hearty sense of humor
  • Custom-designed and simple office management, leadership and conflict resolution “tools” for each client
  • Patience, common sense and compassion

Many thanks for visiting LawBusinessTips and for your interest in the services offered by Nancy Byerly Jones, founder of NBJ Consulting & Conflict Resolutions (a/k/a NBJ Consulting & Mediations). We hope you come back often, offer us your suggestions on how this site could serve you better and give us the chance to talk with you one-on-one.  It would indeed be our pleasure and privilege to do so.   Warning!! When working with us, besides an enjoyable and educational  journey together, you may just pick up a hint of our southern accents. Hope to talk with “y’all” soon!


Contact Nancy for her speaking schedule or to discuss bringing her to your location as your  next motivational and always fun keynote speaker.

Remember … internet and telephone conferencing is a popular (and cheaper!) alternative these days.  Let’s talk and decide what combination of speaking or other services is best for your firm or organization.

Videos Coming in 2016

Email Nancy to let her know what office topics you’d like for her to do as a mini-video workshop. (many from the pasture no less)

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Nancy Byerly Jones

Nancy Byerly Jones is enthusiastically resourceful and tirelessly dedicated to helping her clients build success stories that last...and as a family law and workplace mediator, she is a passionate advocate for helping keep folks out of the courtroom and moving positively forward with their lives. And, oh yes, she also loves every minute at her family's mountainside ranch - the happy and always active home of 5 horses, 9 donkeys, 3 dogs and 1 very tough cat! She writes about the critters at Southern Fried Blog