Mountainside Office Retreats

Perhaps the most popular among our services are our mountainside retreats. They are carefully designed and “balanced” to combine productive work sessions with rest, recreation and your favorite North Carolina High Country activities.

While in session, we roll our sleeves up and work very hard, but in a relaxed and informal environment. Such a setting results in new ideas, achievable solutions, common-sense strategic plans and renewed spirits and motivation. Topics covered are too many to list, but include:

  • Short and long-term strategic planning
  • Educational & motivational workshops (including ethics, stress management and professionalism)
  • Risk management assessments, self-audit systems and strengthening
  • Intra-office dispute resolution/mediations
  • Employee orientation and training
  • Management and leadership reviews and planning
  • Quality of life and career development and coaching

Each retreat is custom-tailored to the client’s preferences and needs. Our workshops and conferences can be scheduled for half-day, full-day or weekend sessions and the options for recreational activities are endless. (Please see our Area Attractions page for more info)

Lodging & Dining

In addition to our popular banjo-picking cookouts, your options for lodging and wonderful restaurants will amaze you! The High Country offers a little bit…actually a lot – of everything….hotels of all types, a generous selection of B&B’s, luxurious condominiums, rustic cabins along the river or perched on mountaintops and restaurants for every palate and budget!

Whatever your choice of retreat format, recreational activities, lodging and dining, we will work with you in designing the perfect fit for your needs, budget and preferences. Please contact us and let’s start making your retreat dreams a reality.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Nancy Byerly Jones

Nancy Byerly Jones is enthusiastically resourceful and tirelessly dedicated to helping her clients build success stories that last...and as a family law and workplace mediator, she is a passionate advocate for helping keep folks out of the courtroom and moving positively forward with their lives. And, oh yes, she also loves every minute at her family's mountainside ranch - the happy and always active home of 5 horses, 9 donkeys, 3 dogs and 1 very tough cat! She writes about the critters at Southern Fried Blog