Are You Zaftig?

Thanks to Top of Texas Gazette’s 7/24/10 blog post ( for this one….instead of calling myself “fluffy” now, think I’ll switch to “juicy”


zaftig \ ZAHF-tik \ , adjective;
1. Full-bodied; well-proportioned.

Origin: Zaftig is a borrowing from Yiddish, zaftik, literally meaning “juicy.”

A rarely used word which I am familiar with because that’s the physical type of woman to whom I am attracted. (that’s an odd sentence structure, but I’m leavin’ it that way)

To add to this post I Googled up zaftig images and nearly went blind when I looked at the results. I then clicked the “clipart” option and found this to explain my preference for full-figured women:

Sure, the thinner one is attractive, but I still prefer the larger one of the two. It’s not just the physical attraction, but she also appeals to me because I’m constantly on the lookout for a girlfriend who not only fits my definition of a sexy woman, but one that also looks like she could help me put up my air conditioner.

Speaking of looking for women, I went to a bar the other night, saw a cute zaftig type of woman standing by the jukebox. I sidled up next to her and asked

“Hey darlin’, where ya been all my life?”

She slowly looked me over and dryly replied:

“From the looks of you, I wasn’t even alive for the first half.

One of Our Farm’s Resident “Hams,” Jessie Sharing a Smile with You Too! (Think he could use a toothbrush maybe!?!?)

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