Checklist for Managing Stress

  • Make a list of 20 activities that you love to do (can include things you may have never tried but hope to do one day)…ask yourself: “How many of these favorite activities have I made time for in the past year?” If your answer is “Few or none and not often enough!”, then immediately make plans to do at least one of your favorite activities within two weeks or less.
  • Make a list of all the things that cause you stress … then cross out all the stresses that you have no control over (e.g. someone’s personality, rush hour traffic, etc.) and start redirecting your energies to things you can do something about. Next, make a mini-action plan for each thing causing you stress that you can do something about and get started implementing your plan…today!
  • Do a simple “Pros and Cons” / Good Stuff – Bad Stuff list for your job, your relationships, etc. Make sure that the Pros outweigh the Cons more often than the other way around….also think hard about the Cons and ask yourself if there’s not *something* you can do to get rid of them.  If the “cons” outweigh the “pros” repeatedly, it may be time for some tough, but needed decisions!
  • Walk, work out at a gym, swim or whatever type of exercise you enjoy — just MOVE and do it often…Exercise is truly one of the best tranquilizers, de-stressors, pain killers and friends we have….stick with your exercise plan (make it doable and reasonable…even 10 minutes is a start and great for you!) for at least four weeks and then you should be hooked for life because of how much better you feel, look and handle life’s challenges.  Consider adding Yoga, Pilates and meditation to your busy lives.  Learn how to deep breathe correctly and do it often~  Even 1 minute of deep breathing can do wonders for us in the midst of our busy days (2 Minute Deep Breathing Audio)
  • Remember: “Yesterday is a canceled check; tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is the *only* cash we have so we had best spend it wisely !!” (anonymous)

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